"Demented Red" Stage Pants

"Demented Red" Stage Pants

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"I have been asked for many years if I would ever consider selling more personal items through ASHBA Clothing. After giving this much thought, I have decided to make a limited number of items available from my very own personal collection. Hope you all enjoy." ~ Much Love DJA


"Demented Red" Stage Pants - AUTOGRAPHED BY DJ ASHBA


NOTE: This is the "real deal" and comes with a Letter of Authenticity.

LEGAL NOTICE: ASHBA Clothing warrants and guarantees that the autographed item listed here is a genuine autographed item, personally owned by Dj ASHBA. Ashba Clothing ensures this authenticity with a money-back guarantee to the original purchaser, should the autograph ever be proven not to be authentic by a licensed and certified handwriting expert.


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